Rise High

Through yoga, I go beyond my perceived limitations and move to my edge with self respect.   As an internal journey, it’s a great opportunity for me to accept every moment of fear, doubt, excitement, vulnerability, self-criticism, joy, and faith.

Reclaim Gentleness

We are born gentle and pure. As we grow we become stronger, harder, and tighter, emotionally and physically. Yield like water. When I practice yoga , instead of looking for an external result, I remind myself to practice acceptance.

Radiate your Truth

When we control the body, we have to control the mind, and we learn how to use our body as a medium.  Free from mental distraction, we are able to find the stillness and relaxation in the postures, while realizing, accessing, and controlling the incredible strength inside all of us.

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2013 Gold Medal – International Yoga Sports Federation

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