I remember when I was a kid, one of my favorite and exciting thing was to watch my little mung beans grow.  But today, let’s do some easy sprouting, alfalfa sprouts!! Which is good source of fiber, protein, Vitamin B and K, helps lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Oh, before you go on, please watch my kid having fun eating alfalfa sprouts. Click this video here - Osiris and alfalfa sprout

What you need: 

  • Manson jar
  • Sprouting strainer lid OR cheese cloth with rubber band
  • Alfalfa seeds
  • Water
  • A little of patience and excitement



  • Soak the alfalfa seeds 2-6 hours
  • Pour out the water, rinse off, place your jar in 45 degrees so the water drains well.
  • You want to keep your seeds wet but avoid let all the seeds sit and clump together on the lid/cheesecloth, let the seeds cling all over on the jar.  And leave your jar in a dark place in your kitchen.
  • Rinse out the seeds twice a day to keep it clean.  The warmer the temperature means more chance of bateria growth, so rinse the seeds more often.
  • Watch your seeds sprouting!!!

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還記得小時候,我其中一個最大的樂趣就是看著小綠豆發芽。但今日讓我們來一個簡易的發芽行動——苜蓿芽!苜蓿芽含豐富的纖維、蛋白質、維他命 B K,有助降低膽固醇和消除炎症。但在開始前,請先看看我家小朋友吃苜蓿芽的有趣片段。請按此片段: