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Healing power of acai for yoga training

By |05:22 AM|

Acai is one of the super foods I use for my yoga training. Besides having the effect of speeding up healing, it’s […]

Easy detox for you and your kids – Chlorella

By |10:08 PM|

Are you having a difficult time giving your kids the good healthy green stuff for their little bodies? Try these little green […]

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3 easy steps sprouting alfalfa seeds

By |06:27 AM|

I remember when I was a kid, one of my favorite and exciting thing was to watch my little mung beans grow.  […]

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Simple secret of miso soup that helps you stay healthy and bendy

By |09:22 PM|

I just want to put miso in all my dishes, it’s fiercely delicious, sharp, super healthy and hydrating. I wish I […]

15 foods you don’t need to get organic

By |10:17 PM|

Although I encourage eating organically grown fruits and vegetables, sometimes is acceptable to alternate your shopping if you have tight budget or […]

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