Physical exercise

philosophy-chaukeiWhen we bring movement to our body, it improves digestion, absorption, circulation and respiration, and is a very important part of being healthy. Choose a exercise that is enjoyable to you, that inspires and motivates you, and , most important, that also challenges you. Physical exercise can lead you to the present spiritual moment. During the one-point of attention exercise brings your mind is, free of judgment, fear, and expectations; your body is in a state of sharp and full awareness as muscles contractions are automatically followed by relaxation. Physical exercise helps us reach a state of peaceful relaxation that builds awareness and allows us to obtain balance in life.


With self-love, when the presence of love is alive in us,  we can connect to something greater than just a small self. We can then expand the warmth and openness to all relationships in life.  A healthy relationship is like a spectrum of understanding, kindness, sweetness, contact, communion, softness, caring, dedication, inclusive, joy and passion.


Spirituality can lead us to breath consciously, stay in touch with nature, and build body awareness, along with conscious thinking before acting that aligns the whole of existence. This will help you find meaning and learn to listen to your calling in life. It can also lead you to understand cause and effect, and your action and reaction. We are all interconnected; every action we take affects the whole of existence, every choice we make either takes us one step closer to, or further from, who we want to be.

Meditation, walking in nature, dedication to family, conscious thinking, and providing volunteer services are all important to deepening my spiritual growth.


- Local and seasonal whenever possible

- Organic whenever possible

- Know where your foods come from

- Eating whole foods and getting nutrients from all edible parts

- Eliminating refined sugars, refined salts and high fructose corn syrup

- Eating non-GMO foods

- Choosing fresh produce over canned foods

- Eat “real” food instead of manufactured and chemicalized foods

- Cook the majority of your foods.  Eating out just for restaurant’s atmosphere, inspiration of new recipes, and enjoyment with friends and family

There’s not one diet that fits everyone, but certain foods will benefit everyone. Instead of coaching everyone with the one “best” diet, I design a simple health plan for each individual while raising  health consciousness about the most effective health plan for each client. Instead of learning what to eat, they will learn how to eat, and they’ll have that skill for the rest of their life.

My diet: Pure healthy food 90% of the time, eating whatever I want 10% of the time.