Are you having a difficult time giving your kids the good healthy green stuff for their little bodies? Try these little green tablets that kids love!! My 4 year old boy loves it and he called it Chlorella Candy!!! He’s been talking about it for about two years now and he still thinks it’s one of the greatest treats he receives.  Click here for the video of my kid eating Chlorella

What is Chlorella and what’s so amazing about it?

We all know that chlorophyll is the green color that is responsible for the absorption of light that creates the energy used for photosynthesis – the process whereby light is used to synthesize carbon dioxide and water from food . It acts like the blood of plants. Imagine having that as a filter to clean out some junk in your body? Chlorella has been known to very effectively detox heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

Chlorella provides a wide range of nutrients: It contains 60% protein (18 amino acids with all the essential amino acids), fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It has traditionally been used in Japan and is widely used in Asia against a long list of diseases. It also helps in the rebuilding of muscle and skin tissue, boosting the immune system and also for anti-aging benefits.

If you don’t take in enough sunlight for vitamin D, taking chlorella is another good source because this single cell green algae is grown in fresh mineral water that’s under direct sunlight.

Since there are many choices of Chlorella out there, I choose my product carefully. I verify that my Chlorella is cultivated under direct sunlight, not artificial light or shade. I look for the label where it says tough cell wall instead of broken cell wall, because the broken cell wall is compromised negating the beneficial nutrients.  Just keep in mind that these algae can act like a sponge as well to either soak up all the toxins or beneficial nutrients from earth.  So pick up your chlorella smartly!!

I usually order my Chlorella thru Hippocrates Health Institute, click here for the link. Their chlorella are from Taiwan which has been tested as the cleanest chlorella in the world!

Happy Green Eating!!

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